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you should definitely do in a lifetime... 10 thngs

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you should definitely do in a lifetime... 10 thngs

Everyone survives life but not everyone lives life to the fullest. We all are so engrossed in our busy schedules, right from the time we start going to school, college, jobs and so on, that we are stuck in a rut. We feel that our days are just passing without any tangible satisfaction.

There are certain things that each individual should do in a lifetime. Don't think and stop yourself from doing a thing just because you feel it's too late or you are too old to try something new. There is no apt time for anything.

Here is a list of things that each of us should do before the sun sets in our lives. So read, introspect and implement.

Travel solo

Travelling solo doesn't sound easy for all but one should travel alone at least once. You will get to meet interesting people, have unique experiences, it will broaden your mind and you will get to know about your own hidden traits and most importantly - your confidence level will boost. And trust me, once you do it, it is an experience you would like to replicate again.

Own a pet

A pet gives you unconditional love and understands you even when your near and dear ones dissapoint you. Everytime your dog sits near you when you are crying, or your cat cuddles up to you on a cozy winter morning you will forget all your worries in a jiffy. Pets are wonderful and make you value life.

Live alone

Living alone whether in your own land or in a foreign country gives you a liberating feeling. You learn to manage all your daily chores, take responsibilities and you get to take care of yourself without the help of your family. But it will also give you the right to decide everything by yourself. You don't have to compromise or fight your parents for indulging yourself or going out late.
Adventure Sport

Try an adventure sport the mere thought of which scares you and is out of your comfort zone. Let the adrenaline kick in and feel the thrill! Get, set, go!

Fall in love

A life without love is incomplete. Express your feelings to somebody you like! Fall in love, break your heart, find someone again! It is all worth it. Don't ever hold back your feelings.


Human nature is such that we prefer being on the receiving end instead of giving. Make charity a part of your lifestyle. Go volunteer for an organisation. Find a small child you can support or go for volunteer work in remote areas of the work. Even if you do a good deed once in your life it can make a huge difference to someone in need! And it will make you feel really good from the inside.


Most of us have a habit of saving for the 'rainy' day. But what is the point of saving it all? Go splurge on anything that you desire. Be it a designer dress, bag, luxury car, flying first class or even blowing up all your money in a casino. The feeling will be beyond words (hopefully)!

Do something crazy

Crazy is subjective. An activity for you may seem to be normal but for some one else, it might be crazy. Get drunk, visit a haunted place, or even quit your job for your passion. Do your bit of craziness once, make your heart race!
Learn a new language

Learning a new language is exciting and it gives you an edge. Be open to it, learn and meet new people, even if it means visiting a new country. The experience will be exhilarating.
Spend time with nature

Mother nature has given precious moments which we ignore or have forgotten due to the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. Sunrise, sunset, star gazing are beautiful moments to watch and feel. Spend few days close to nature. Head out to a jungle, desert, mountains, sea, or even North Pole for that matter and connect with nature.

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