| Dhaka, Monday, 15 April 2024

Russian PM visits disputed Kuril islands, Tokyo protest 

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev landed Saturday in the Kuril islands, prompting a swift rebuke from Tokyo, which claims sovereignty over the northwest Pacific archipelago in a long-running dispute.

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Topless  America 

Topless women, often in body paint, posing for photos in Times Square are causing headaches for New York politicians and police who wish to regulate their presence but have no ...

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India has evidence of  Dawood Ibrahim living in Pakistan

India’s security agencies have gathered evidence to prove that underworld don Dawood Ibrahim lives in Pakistan, a report in the Hindustan Times newspaper said.

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White House says "Islamic State deputy Al-Hayali killed in US military airstrike"

The No. 2 leader of the Islamic State militant group was killed in a US military airstrike in Iraq earlier this week, the White House said Friday. Ned Price, a ...

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Malaysia family’s vacation into tragedy in Bangkok bombing

This week’s deadly bombing in Bangkok left a Malaysian family struggling to come to grips with an attack that claimed at least four members who had been enjoying a Thai ...

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Oscar Pistorius’  free and parole broad

Two days before he was due to leave prison, Oscar Pistorius’ early release was suddenly put on hold Wednesday by South Africa’s Department of Justice, which sent his case back ...

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Main suspect of Bangkok bombing

Thailand has asked Interpol for help in tracking down the man they believe planted a bomb in Bangkok’s Erawan shrine that killed 20 people, sending the international police organisation an ...

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ISIS kills Syrian archaeologist 

Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) militants have reportedly killed an archaeologist Khaled Asaad who looked after the Roman ruins in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra.

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Bangkok bomb shrine regenerate 

Thai monks led prayers on Wednesday for the reopening of a Bangkok shrine where a blast killed 20 people, as police hunted a man shown on security footage calmly planting ...

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Sri Lanka’s former president Mahinda Rajapaksa on Tuesday accepted defeat 

Sri Lanka’s former president Mahinda Rajapaksa on Tuesday accepted defeat in the parliamentary elections even before the announcement of the final results. Rajapaksa, 69, said his United People’s Freedom Alliance ...

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Indonesia plane crash: Official says ‘no chance of survivors

Indonesian rescuers have recovered the remains of 54 people who died onboard a Trigana Air plane that crashed in Papua region on Sunday.

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Indian President Pranab Mukherjee’s wife Suvra Mukherjee no more in the earth

Indian President Pranab Mukherjee’s wife Suvra Mukherjee, who was suffering from respiratory illness, passed away at a hospital in Delhi this morning. She was 74.

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Bangkok Hindu shrine bombing 21 killed 

As Thailand PM Prayuth Chan-ocha talked about setting up of a "war room" to hunt the perpetrator of the attack, investigators have identified a suspect on CCTV near the site ...

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Brooke Shields injured her foot at an animal rescue

Actress Brooke Shields injured her foot at an animal rescue benefit in New York. The “Blue Lagoon” star, 50, refused to let the injury interfere with her duties as emcee of ...

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Brazilians fume against Corruption and  Dilma Rousseff  

Hundreds of thousands of protesters demanded Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff`s resignation Sunday, blaming her and the leftist Workers` Party for runaway corruption and looming recession in Latin America`s biggest country.

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Syrian government air raids on rebel-held areas killed more than 80

Syrian government warplanes attacked a busy market in a rebel-held suburb of the capital Damascus on Sunday, killing at least 82 people and wounding more than 200 in one of ...

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Australia introduces with same sex marriage bill

A maverick lawmaker broke from conservative government ranks on Monday to introduce legislation that would legalize gay marriage in Australia as a new opinion poll confirmed that most Australians support ...

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Pakistan’s Punjab province Home Minister and also 16 killed by suicide bombing 

Pakistan’s Punjab province Home Minister Shuja Khanzada was assassinated today when a suicide bomber blew himself up at his house in Attock district, killing at least 12 people and injuring ...

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22 people killed in bombings in Baghdad

A car bomb at a popular auto dealership Saturday killed 13 people and injured 52 in eastern Baghdad’s volatile Sadr City neighborhood, where a market bombing two days earlier killed ...

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Tianjin explosion death toll rises to 112 with 10 firefighters missing 

Authorities pulled more bodies from a massive blast site in the Chinese port of Tianjin, pushing the death toll to 112 on Sunday as teams scrambled to clear dangerous chemical ...

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