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Happy disagree but Rubel release from the cease 

Update : 2015-05-17 11:46:11
Happy disagree but Rubel release from the cease 

Dhaka on Sunday , he appeared in the filed disagreed .2014 Happy Mirpur Model Police Station on December 13, Nazneen Akhter, complained that his relationship with the players had Rubel Hossain . Happy the ruble against the temptations of the physical relationships that are called for .

Rubel Hossain was not found guilty on March 9 this year, the final report was submitted to the court of Dhaka Metropolitan Police Investigation Division of Women's Support -and Halima Khatun visitor .

The final report is due on April 13 of the Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate M. signed up for the next steps of the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate ( CMM ), along with the message .

The final report was the investigating officer in the case , Nazneen Akhter Happy adult and aware of the modern person who works in the media . After the marriage , he Ruble without adult sexual relations with her consent , then it might have been .

By definition, rape, forced marriage that lures have been raped were found in any of the evidence . Rubel Hossain was found guilty in the investigation . Abyahatidanera he was told to pray in the filed .

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