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‘Lip to Lip’ song

Update : 2015-09-06 12:33:21
‘Lip to Lip’ song

The latest song ‘Lip to Lip’ from Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut’s forthcoming film, ‘Katti Batti’ has become a hit with audiences, garnering over one million views within a week of its release. What makes ‘Lip to Lip’ different is that it required the use of ‘Stop Motion Technique’, which required the actors to move by inches each time to depict a slow change in motion as opposed to the previously captured position.

This was the very first time that the use of this technique has been made in India for a Bollywood song. Katti Batti director Nikhil Advani, clicked over 23,000 pictures to execute the entire video of the song using this technique, paying attention to minute details.

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