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The Virgin Galactic rocket 

Update : 2015-09-15 15:15:19
The Virgin Galactic rocket 

Sir Richard Branson's space company says it is boosting the capability of its satellite launcher.

The Virgin Galactic rocket will be air-launched in a similar way to the firm's proposed tourist spaceplane - from under a carrier jet.

But by having its own dedicated carrier, the satellite launcher's performance can be improved.
The aim now is to loft payloads up to 200kg into standard orbits, instead of the previously stated 120kg.

And it should be possible to get 400kg into some other, lower orbits.
Virgin Galactic intends to debut the liquid oxygen/kerosene rocket in 2016 or 2017 for a price of under $10m.

"This is customer-led; we've been talking to the market about what they wanted, and it's this new capability," said CEO George Whitesides.
"And what we hear from industry is that if we had this capability right now, we'd be selling [launches] like hot cakes," he told BBC News.

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