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Has Curiosity rover really discovered evidence of life 

Update : 2015-09-16 15:18:24
Has Curiosity rover really discovered evidence of life 

Have we finally succeeded in finding life on Mars? A top UFO website claims so.

It says that the NASA’s Curiosity vehicle has found hard evidence not only of life on Mars, but that of a sophisticated living creature that resembles a scorpion, http://www.inquisitr.com reported.

The photo was snapped by Curiosity’s on-board camera on September 10 and posted to the popular UFO Sightings Daily site on September 13.

“Life on mars… sure it sounds strange, but why? Because we were taught by our government that life does not exist on other planets,” wrote the site’s founder and editor, Scott C. Waring.
“In this photo, I found a living creature, with a black exoskeleton, much like a desert beetle or scorpion might have,” Waring added.

“The creature is sitting on top of a rock, so that it can see farther away, probably for hunting purposes. It also has one upraised arm wit three claws on its end.

“It probably didn’t move while the rover was there, since it would be conserving its energy. Movement would be reserved for hunting…surviving,” he explained.

The site had posted NASA Mars photos before, purporting to show evidence of alien life. In January, it posted a photo that appeared to show what was either an unusual rock formation — or a series of quonset-hut style structures that could serve as dwellings.

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