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Rain, jam in Bangladesh Eid holidaymakers dissolve the journey home

Update : 2015-09-21 16:47:01
Rain, jam in Bangladesh Eid holidaymakers dissolve the journey home

Deohata Tangail yesterday morning on a long tailback. Hundreds of vehicles at home to celebrate Eid with people leaving the capital flows of high pressure dhaka Tangail highway and hung on.

Long tailbacks and continuous rain last Eid-ula Azha heading home to celebrate the cause untold suffering to thousands of people.

Dhaka bus passengers to reach the terminal by the end of the first to suffer, then Highway exit points of the city and beyond.

Many bus is turned on and before boarding the train were drenched in rain.

According to Meteorological Department, rain in the next three days in many places across the country is likely to continue.

Home rush during this time will gain greater speed.

Daily Star yesterday on the road is suffering several mukha spoke goers.

"My two children and I were soaked to the skin. We are going to travel 250 kilometers, it is. And quite naturally we are concerned," works in a private firm, which nazarula Islam, Kalyanpur around noon on a Rajshahi- bound bus before getting into.

Tourist huge traffic jams and haphazard movement seize Gabtoli and Uttara like Abdullahpur various exit points of the capital hung on.

"Our bus around 9:00 pm Mohakhali left and Uttara to cross it began more than two hours," Kalimullah, Naogaon travel a trader said.

Minister of road transport and bridges obaidula Qadir Minister himself despite police protocol, Thursday and Friday after it was stuck there for about half an hour Gabtoli and Abdullahpur points mukha goers said there were two major sources of pain .

"I Gabtoli and Abdullahpur 'to deal with the chaotic situation has ordered authorities to take action," he wrote on the phone told the Daily Star.

Minister to observe the situation today will visit Gabtoli and police officers, and by this point seize more concerned to take the necessary steps to smoothen the movement will be directed, wrote in a press release by the Ministry.

North district and the district of Chittagong division Eid holidaymakers ,, traveling path dhaka yesterday Tangail and Chittagong dhaka and had to spend hours in tailbacks. Visitors in the last two days there was a similar experience.

From 10:00 pm to 6:00 pm yesterday, hundreds of vehicles Mirzapur in Tangail ghazipur Chandra Intersection dhaka Tangail are stranded on both sides of the highway.

"I am. To 9:00 pm around Dhaka's Mohakhali bus started from many points for me hung on Tangail took six hours to reach the city," Shiblee Ahmed, a passenger said.

Hundreds of vehicles in the early hours of yesterday Comilla's Daudkandi dhaka in Chittagong were hung on either side of the highway. Drivers cratered highway and held tailback.

Highway Police torrential rains, cattle-laden vehicle before Eid and haphazard movement was behind the massive traffic flow gridlocks said.

Along with his brother and uncle Commuter Mohammad Asaduzzaman Manikganj lack Patuaria start had to wait for more than two hours.

"I around 9:00 pm and went missing before 11:00 pm can not board a boat. No rain, life can be very easy there was" He later told the Daily Star.

Hundreds of other passengers had the same experience there.

Train left Dhaka and most of them were scheduled, as people who suffer from relatively low current.

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