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In the context of the United Nations today remains relevant as ever, says Prime Minister Hasina

Update : 2015-10-25 14:56:08
In the context of the United Nations today remains relevant as ever, says Prime Minister Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the United Nations system "as relevant" children was established on which basis still war, conflict, afflicted with hunger and poverty.

"We improved a series of deadly conflicts and humanitarian crisis that continues to give rise to more drivers finish font United Nations agreed on is the need to harness the potential," he said in a message, Foreign Ministry of the United Nations issued on the day.

Nations on Saturday to build peace among the objectives of the United Nations Charter's entry into force in 1945, marking the seventieth anniversary.

Bangladesh, restore peace and security, human rights and the United Nations Charter and of the country, as enshrined in the Constitution, to promote the development of worldwide firm conviction "that joins the international community in its repeated, Hasina said.

The Prime Minister said Bangladesh 'A' culture of peace and non-violence through our flagship role in promoting its part will continue to do.

Bangladesh also all forms of terrorism and violent extremism, the international rule of law, and other countries in the internal affairs of non-intervention, and zero-tolerance approach in its commitment to "good".

"We are in the conflict-torn setting peacekeeping and peace-building in much appreciation for the work of the United Nations must remain in the forefront."

New development goals, SDGs, for sustainable development, "once and for all from our world to overcome poverty and hunger renews our faith in our collective ability.

Referring to Bangladesh's MDG success and Bangladesh with the United Nations and the wider international community of the fundamental principles of the trip as "peace, justice, development and cooperation will continue to pursue.

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