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Deepika Padukone trends in clothing comfort selects

Update : 2015-10-26 19:50:07
Deepika Padukone trends in clothing comfort selects

Deepika Padukone, who want to follow fashion trends and does not diva chooses her more comfortable in the clothes, says, "everything else."

"Yes, there buying fashion magazines and want to follow trends and girls who want to keep up with this. But I do not belong to that group. I choose to be more comfortable than everything that girls With a group of related, "her new clothing line, has come out with all of that Piku actress, said.

Asked about the important and productive fashion, top actress said: "It's like a formal dinner in Faneuil any kind of assistance can come in as something in black was a safe bet." He's also more comfortable and a lot of other things need not accessorising reiterated.

His clothing line, she said: "I know that the idea behind the label to encourage women to be themselves and they feel comfortable to dress in a way that seems to encourage girls. "

"Another aspect behind the label, my own personal style, I always say to a movie or a Red carpet as would like to show people," he said.

Deepika apparel line from the actor's upcoming film wagering mastani feature any clothes, but said that is not "us, we can try it out, and Indian wear get the idea, you can in the future. "

The actress is currently looking at any other script, and his current project has not been focused all her energy. Padukone said, "I know you all about just my creativity in my other hand, a person can be creative in many ways, seems".

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