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BNP says on victim protection

Update : 2015-11-05 17:54:10
BNP says on victim protection

Thursday, a senior BNP leader Abdullah Al Noman, the current government has lost faith in the people now in the country in terms of demand in the event of any criminal prosecution.

"The entire nation is now under immense repression. We Dipan father and Avijit's wife, and the recent murder of ordinary people, including victims' relatives have seen the reaction - Do not try to suit the event, that. The perfection of the people in government have shown that the no-confidence, "he said.

A discussion on the talk, people can not put their trust in the government, said, "Security is turned victim."

Swadhinata Forum, a pro-BNP-platform, to be celebrated on Saturday, on the occasion of National Revolution and Solidarity Day caste Press Club on program management.

Noman for its repressive acts and bad governance are fed up with the current government, he said.

Bloggers, publishers and police attack on voicing growing concern over the incident, he said the police action, but the unity of social forces to get rid of the current situation can help.

BNP leader to overcome the crisis in order to create a national unity government to restore democracy and has appealed.

Program at the address, the Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University, former Pro-Emajuddin Ahmed, a deep feeling of uncertainty of any incident that can happen at any time, is the nation understand.

"The educational and social institutions of the country, including people who were divided into two groups," he said.

Emajuddin among the entire nation for a strong unity to overcome the current crisis now is crucial.

Without any reason, the government arrested opposition leaders and activists alleged that. "This is unprecedented in history."

Former du- Chancellor government plan option BNP leaders and activists behind bars and will turn into a farce to keep unleashing torture by anyone and it will not be accepted.

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