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Finally nat'l crisis talks khalida

Update : 2015-11-06 00:55:02
Finally nat'l crisis talks khalida

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) Chairperson, Khalida, to the end of the crisis facing the country on the government to hold a national dialogue has been called.

"We have good sense prevails and the government of the country and its people in the greater interest for a national dialogue in order to create an atmosphere of hope will overcome its authoritarian attitude," he said.

Now living in London, which Khalida, the party's spokesman on Thursday in a statement signed by Asaduzzaman Ripon call.

The former Prime Minister said that the government should realize the reason behind the current crisis.

"It is the government that created the crisis. Political crisis government annul the non-party caretaker government system has been there ever since," said khalida.

Some basic call for a national consensus on the issue, BNP chairperson "Our party without any delay under a neutral government organized a national election was a must to come out of the crisis, thinks that.", He said,

He "immediately on some basic issues we need to reach a national consensus," he said.

Increase by the time of his selection, independent duty to carry out an obstacle to implementing the legislation, strengthen the independence of the judiciary, freeing the administration from politicization ensure freedom of the press, "the restoration of voting rights issues "Commission has released all political detainees and withdraw your case and democratic character of the state. "

He calls it "voter-low 5 January 2014 immediately after the ballot option" jewelry from the side of the head of government after step of the Awami League government of the country's ruling dictatorship has been in the most miserable conditions That alleged.

"People are in a position suffocation. No feel safe both in and out of the house. The deep dark waiting, as if the panic, fear and uncertainty have gripped the nation."

BNP's main Awami League government in recent history, "has emerged as one of the most repressive noticed that.

"In a bid to prolong its misrule has created a chaotic situation in the country. This country, its people and for democracy is ominous," khalida believed.

He also suppress all dissenting voices to government and politics out of revenge for the alleged that practice.

"The government only Transparency International and for his criticism of the government, such as Amnesty International rights organization is a fuming, with BNP was not angry."

The present AL government took a series of allegations against the government of former premier who are critical of the government, the media house that is trying to Gag.

"I repeated to end the national crisis honestly have called for a national dialogue, but the government has yet to pay heed our request," khalida Sorry.

BNP is a Democratic Party khalida claim that his party does not support any kind of terrorism, he said. "Any form of violence against our party's stand is very clear."

However, the government as a terrorist organization, a political party like the BNP is trying to brand the alleged error.

He "in the case of false arrest its leaders and activists across the country to government, which came hard on the party's Acting Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, standing committee members Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, MK Anwar including Party leaders demanded the immediate release of detained and Gayeshwar Chandra Roy.

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