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I'm selfish as an actor: Deepika Padukone

Update : 2015-11-06 01:12:49
I'm selfish as an actor: Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone Actress Deepika Padukone when it comes to acting, she is selfish, says.

"We all kind of right ... to work so hard on every film and every one to do it wants to get its own space. I am selfish as an actor of course, but I look at the overall picture, theatrical "," song of his upcoming movie 'Wat Wat Wat "the actress said at the unveiling of the video".
The actress is one of the best this year, which is joyful.
'Piku' has already been released, while, "Now we 'farce' 'and then' betting mastani. Therefore, I am very happy as an actor," said the 29-year-old .
"Sideshow" to talk about, she said: "'Spectacle' break the stereotype and different things, something that is evident. And I, we have a generally can reveal that reflect the mood of a different character had been, it seems. "
Ranbir Kapoor film.

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