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Indian author Arundhati Roy award

Update : 2015-11-06 01:21:38
Indian author Arundhati Roy award

Roy BRooker award-winning Indian author Arundhati Roy on Thursday against his ideological corruption as a distinct political movement as part of a national award for "proudly" announced that felt, Media reports say.

"We have the right to speak freely, do not, our intellectual malnutrition, suffering from a nation of fools, that will turn into a society," Ms. Roy, in an article published in the Indian Express newspaper said.
Arundhati Roy, and two dozen Bollywood figures, the guardian reported in India in an atmosphere of religious intolerance and violence returned his award in protest against the artist, scientist and historian, has added his voice.
And reliability - National Film Awards in Mumbai on Thursday was in the film industry figures, the film-maker Sanjay Kak, "opposition, who have posted their appearance, said the growing concern of a large number of Indians To demonstrate, the least that can be visible, "is going on around them, is no less distressing.
His most famous for the Booker prizewinning novel opinion, Small, Muslim, Christian and low-caste or tribal communities millions of people, including members of minority ", which is being forced to 'Indian Express' In sharply worded editorial said that the trust, when and from where the attack will come, to live in terror.
Author of a dozen assassination campaign against religious superstition, or Muslims or atheists rumored to have eaten beef cows has not condemned the killings of activists, that frustration at the country's top literary organization, the Sahitya Academi Award . India's majority Hindu population, cows are considered sacred.
Roy "What is happening in this country, so the shame" and become part of a political movement for his screenplay of the 1989 national award and was happy to return.
"I have now is unprecedented, and does not have a historical parallel, artists and intellectuals believe. The other way is politics," in recent years has become a civil rights activist, said Roy, .
His silence said the chief minister, Narendra Modi, and religious attack him for not speaking out against the nationalist opposition Bharatiya Janata Party has criticized many of those attacks as legitimate and Hindu Hindu hard to assert superiority Perception is encouraged.
Communal violence and discrimination are nothing new for India. Hindu-Muslim violence since then participate in 1947 in the runup to an estimated 1 million lives claimed, deadly riots and violence mostly between Hindus and Muslims, has erupted at intervals.
For his support of the people in the BJP's Hindu base ground, and he warned that the National Volunteer Association, which translates as a terrorist organization by the Hindu Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which had come up, last year, Modi The meteoric rise and spectacular election victory, expressed concern.
Modi for all of India's prime minister, which will emphasize during his election campaign and to guarantee protection for minorities. After he took office has said very little on this subject.
His administration governing party as a political ploy to undermine the growing protest is dismissed.
"The whole purpose of the protest of the Narendra Modi government to derail the development agenda," Urban Development Minister, Naidu, said Thursday. "The damage to the country and unnecessarily being given incorrect information about political favoritism is being subjected."
On Thursday, writers, academics and artists, which is a separate group of tree and came out in support of Modi BJP's election victory last year of political revenge after alleging his opposition colleagues.
"A part of the nation's intelligentsia in society mounted a perceived bias on the anger expressed," the head of the Council for Cultural Relations Indians, including 36 signed by Modi supporters said in a statement. "In choosing other means fail sought to avenge."

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