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Inflation hovers around 6pc

Update : 2015-11-10 17:29:28
Inflation hovers around 6pc

General inflation rate slightly, according to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, from 6.24 percent the previous month, fell to 6.19 percent in October.

Fuel is included in the global commodity price downtrend, easing of inflation contributed, monthly consumer price index showed, the news agency reports UNB.
General inflation rate was 6.17 percent in August.
Planning Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal Planning Commission on Tuesday on the government's highest policy body, Ecnec, index released after the meeting.
Winter vegetables to help curb inflation, started hitting the market, the minister said.
He inflation rate with the availability of other winter vegetables will arrive in the coming months, expect that.
From November 2014 to October 2015, the average year-on-year inflation rate from November 2013 to October 2014 was 7.18 percent, which stood at 6.21 percent.
Both food and non-food inflation index according, in October posted a downtrend.
Non-food inflation was 6.73 percent in September, which is low compared to 6.67 percent in October, while inflation at the national level, in September, slightly down 5.92 per cent, 5.89 per cent in October.
Furthermore, in urban and rural areas of general inflation rate declined slightly in October. In this rural area in October against 5.86 per cent in September was 5.82 percent, while the urban level, the rate of general inflation against 6.96 per cent in September was 6.91 percent during the previous month.
In urban areas, inflation in September to 7.47 percent to 7.44 percent in October. Non-food inflation against 6.37 per cent in September, declined to 6.33 percent in October.
Non-food inflation in September, against 6.99 per cent in October was 6.90 percent, while in rural areas, food inflation, down from 5.26 per cent compared to the previous month, a decline of 5.23 percent in October.
Furthermore, the national wage rate indicator was 7.20 percent in September, in October with 131.70 index saw a 7.11% growth rate.

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