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Britain seeking to stay in the EU, Cameron lays out

Update : 2015-11-11 14:51:44
Britain seeking to stay in the EU, Cameron lays out

British Prime Minister David Cameron. AFP file photo British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to reform it if he does not get to meet European leaders in

"difficult" laid out the demand as the UK, which may leave EU warned Tuesday.
But he in a referendum due in 2017, Cameron "Brexit 'for the avoidance was confident an agreement can win, but his demands are not met, the 28-member bloc to leave out campaigning The state is not.
"The referendum ... is a once-in-a-generation cost will be," Cameron told an audience in London.
"It's our country, perhaps the greatest in our lifetime, we'll have a big decision to make."
Cameron, Britain's shopping list for changes to EU President Donald Tusk lay out a long-awaited address was sent a letter.
The letter contained little new detail, while the main battle facing Cameroon in Britain for their first four years of state benefits to immigrants from anywhere in the EU to slash immigration by restricting his plan, That helped crystallize.
A European Commission spokesman said "some difficulty (demand), which are less difficult," German Chancellor Angela Merkel, herself, while "very problematic" of a deal "reasonably confident" emphasis, While this idea is called.
Europe Minister David Lidington was important that the "result", adding among other European countries on this issue, acknowledged concern.
She migration open to different ways of dealing with that eurosceptics in Britain after his request was accused of watering down Cameron.
Several British newspapers Center- right of the Conservative Party manifesto pledge was that the benefits of a four-year residency qualification, on demand as a climbdown report Cameron's speech.
The sun's "prime ministerial election on bail wobbled" while reading, Financial Times, read the front page of the "European welfare for migrant Cameroon barrier method".
Some analysts agreed. "My feeling is the line that is soft," John Springford, Senior Research Fellow for European Reform government.
"The letter, and remarks by David Lidington, Britain will demand a compromise, suggested that."
Thin gruel '
Euro and non-euro nations, and the goal of ever-closer union, EU, including a waiver Issue greater competition between "justice reform: Cameron also wants to improve on less controversial case three.
But his request eurosceptics reacted with skepticism.
Conservative eurosceptic Jacob Rees-Mogg ,, while another is "pretty thin gruel 'Cameron's speech demanded Bernard Jenkin called:" This is that? Renegotiation that the total sum of the government's position? "
UKIP leader Nigel Farage said, "Mr. Cameron was not aiming for any significant renegotiation that clear."
He added: "His speech is not simply to offer with Brussels that a new 'third way' was to try to portray the relationship."
EU campaign to stay in Britain "prudent and sound," Cameron called package of measures.
Speaking in the United States, the International Monetary Fund's chief economist Maurice Obstfeld and the threat of European economic integration was concerned about the events.
"I have to pull back from market consolidation in Europe very concerned about the strong trend," Obstfeld said.
"One factor possible refugee crisis ... a clear Britain will leave the European Union."
Fights of the decade
He first of Britain's Conservative Party and the anti-EU UK Independence Party, under pressure from eurosceptics in the EU should remain in the promise of a referendum on whether Cameron's speech came nearly three years after.
Britain with malicious links Brussels era go back much further than Cameron.
The country was then the European Economic Community in 1973, but continued under Prime Minister has been removed from the heart of Europe joined.
One of Cameron's Conservative predecessors, Margaret Thatcher, see the table and demanded to secure Britain's annual budget rebate in 1984 became an icon for eurosceptics: ". I want my money back"
Britain, especially in 2002 when the euro was launched out.
Cameron in May after winning the general election, his promise of a referendum to become reality. Senior Conservative and experts as early as next year, the estimate can be held.
Britain's demand in December, which will be discussed at an emergency EU summit in Brussels sees, while Tusk, Britain's proposal next week will begin negotiations with the member States.
In Brussels, EU sources have warned of problems ahead, while Lidington, at that stage, played down the chances of getting a deal.
"At some point they (the British) have to climb down from his stand," one said.

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