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MIM is a fantastic co-star: Soham

Update : 2015-11-30 12:15:18
MIM is a fantastic co-star: Soham

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Actor Soham his upcoming film about his experiences working in black speaks to CT. Excerpts:
Black King is his fourth film with donations. You bonding between the two has increased over the years?
It has gone from strength to strength over the years. I first worked with him in Le Halua Le, and then Jaaneman, Loveria came, and now it film.So, over the years, our relationship is included. Now, he's a director is more and more of a big brother. What I like about Rajada set his temperament and have a flexible attitude. I have a few chats or improvised a scene that can be felt, and he was open to adding more than when during the shooting of the film, there were several times. Black Rajada invented, and he has shaped the way the story is commendable. It's a real story with an out-and-out commercial film and Rajada a new way the film has been treated. I think everyone will love it.
Tell us about the film and his character.
It's my character, Biltu, built-in and turned out to avenge his father's death seems to fight criminals, that is an action love story. The film is the right mixture of elements and the music is quite melodious. Barkha Sengupta is an attractive item number.
Its the first time in this film plays his ladylove, that was shared with MIM frame?
MIM is a fantastic co-star and has done an excellent job. He is not just a pretty face, but he is out for revenge as bulletproof as important as playing a character. Furthermore, Kharaj Mukherjee, Rudranil Ghosh and Ashish students working with such talented actors was really a pleasure.

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