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Weather-defense conference in Paris World leaders

Update : 2015-11-30 12:21:04
Weather-defense conference in Paris World leaders

Los Angeles to call for action on climate change in the environmental activists and supporters during a rally, California on November 29, 2015 Photo: APPWorld leader poorly IPL letterhead of an agreement to defer aimed at talks in the French capital on Monday start of a whirlwind day of global warming.

Convention emissions of greenhouse gases blamed for climate change, which would limit the dispute to an agreement with the International talks designed to end two decades of nearly a fortnight kicks off.
Negotiations have rocked the French capital, November 13 bomb and shooting attacks that killed 130 people in an ambitious deal to honor ate font.
Minutes after touching down in Paris, US President Barack Obama Bataclan concert hall, all the blood to lay flowers at the site of his French counterpart Francois Hollande joined.
Scientists action is taken soon, the race until that wipe out low-lying island nations such conflict and will lead to rising sea levels, worsening drought as that ever-fatal events, that will endure Warning.
He requested to talk to compromise, "We're living together on this earth will have to decide," This is the president of a non-brokered talks, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius ,, Sunday said.
About 150 leaders in the tortuous negotiations injecting much-needed political momentum is aimed at French hosts had responded to the first day of talks will be in Paris on Monday.
The shadow of the United Nations since 1995 to deal with the issue of global warming has been hosting annual summits, but all previous efforts primarily due to the nation's deep divisions between rich and poor, have been broken.
Several lines of battle still issues are yet to be resolved.
Many poor nations and on your way to prosperity after the Industrial Revolution, most fossil fuel is burned, wealthy country, stressed the responsibility of all to tackle the problem.
However, the United States and other developed nations to power its fast-growing economy to the maximum amount of coal are burned, that China, India and other emerging countries, more emphasis should be.
Potential stumbling block in Paris to stop, and the accumulation of greenhouse gases in order to verify the legal status of commitment, to take the weak and poor countries to finance climate.
'' No planet B.
Still, has made significant progress before the meeting. One key to success of 183 nations on how they will deal with global warming has introduced a voluntary action plan, which has been a process.
While there is not nearly enough, UN climate chief Christiana Figueres eventually pre-industrial revolution levels to less than two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) could limit global warming, that more ambitious efforts Architecture is provided.
Two degrees Celsius, the impact of global warming most scientists say will be necessary, which is on the threshold.
US and German 20 countries to double its investment in clean energy will be sworn in Monday.
Put aside their differences and letterhead pressure world leaders into an agreement, more than a half million people around the world over the weekend in the climate took part in the protests.
In force in the worldwide scene, turned out in London's Hyde Park, organized by some of the 50,000 people paleakarada read "The future of our children need," "is no planet B" and.
"The atmosphere for the leaders to work on road charging to record numbers turning out across the world, has been mysterious," Emma Ruby-Sachs, Avaaz campaign director, said one of the organizers.
French officials for the Islamic group claimed security fears following the terrorist attacks in Paris protest was banned.
But terrorists and intentions in a protest against our voices heard on climate change, to thousands of people in Paris, two kilometers (1.2-mile) gathered to form a human chain.
Anti-capitalist protest, a band of terrorists infiltrated their favor when arrested that saw close to 300 people, leading to clashes with riot police, but was stopped.
Still, Paris attacks, terrorism and climate stand in his determination to push on with the struggle of many world leaders, appeared.
"This to stand in solidarity with our oldest ally ... and our people from terrorist threats and to protect the way of life is an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment," Obama said before leaving Washington, said in a Facebook post .

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