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Romance to change you as a person does

Update : 2015-12-06 14:35:45
Romance to change you as a person does

Friends since you started dating, you can say to change, they are right. A new study says that the behavior-in this case, alcohol abuse friend to their romantic partners than in the same time to pursue non-dating young.

"The result of all of your friendships and romantic partners to confirm a complaint," Florida Atlantic University to study author Professor Brett Laursen said.
"The peer social world changes during puberty remember exactly how. Same-sex friendships become less important and romantic affiliations become more important," Laursen.
Young is a mark of friendship and equality, not coincidentally, all single young people to be their most important relationships between your report.
However, near the beginning of a new romantic relationship change the balance of relations.
Romantic relationships in terms of importance as passing friendship, young people born with this difference means that, even if their romantic partners are prepared to change to become more similar.
"Friends no longer in the habit of drinking, shape the way they used to. 'Romantic partners now rules dictate," Laursen said.
In the first part of the study, 12 to 19 years of age of participants (662 girls, 574 boys), nominated by friends and romantic partners, and achieved a measure of alcohol.
With romantic partners and friends without romantic partners than your rate of alcohol were less similar.
The study was published in the journal Development Psychology.

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