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Apple warns iPhone sales to fall

Update : 2016-01-27 11:29:52
Apple warns iPhone sales to fall

Apple on Tuesday growth after reporting sales growth at the end of a technological era threatened raised its market-leading, life-changing iPhone and it is expected to worsen warning.

California technology colossus this film in the same period last year compared to the three months of sales in the current quarter will be its first decline in sales of the iPhone is expected to see further.

"We iPhone units will decline in the quarter, think that," Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook told analysts during an earnings call.

But on Tuesday the iPhone was launched in 2007 for the first time after faltering despite record quarterly profit that Apple, the smartphone market overall remains optimistic about.

Apple, according to Cook, eat in many countries, and it possesses a strong US dollar, despite economic woes drag Smart plans to continue to invest in.

"There will buy smart in the world, many of them still are and we should be able to win our fair share," Cook said.

One billion Apple Gadgets
On revenue of $ 75.9 billion two percent difference, setting another record for the company, while net income for the quarter ended December 26, at $ 18.4 billion compared to the same period a year earlier was two percent higher.

Largely a result of two-thirds of Apple's iPhone sales driver was the top revenue-that is in line with expectations and the company to find new sources of growth that was needed.

Apple shares this concern since last year reached 20 percent. After-market trade in the stock down more than two percent on Tuesday at $ 97.76.

"Our team for the world's most innovative products, thanks to Apple's biggest quarter ever delivered, and the all-time record Watch Apple iPhone and Apple TV sales," Cook said in an earnings release.

"The growth of our services business during the quarter to produce record results fast, and our installed base of a billion recently crossed a major milestone of active devices."

Apple overall, a billion iPhone, iPad, Macintosh computers, iPod Touch devices, Apple TV unit, and Apple Watch wearable computer in the last three months of its service with the "feel" that was reported.

In fiscal quarter, Apple 74.5 million in the same period last year and was introduced in 2007, changing lifestyle handsets only fractionally higher than the development of growth after a record 74.8 million iPhone sold.

China's stock climbs
"Greater China 'goods in the United States and in Japan is 14 percent for Apple, but was weak.

It's a big question for Apple to rival smartphone makers during the growing competition in a sluggish global economy can continue to drive sales growth.

Apple between $ 50 billion and $ 53 billion in revenue in the current quarter is expected to be. It is possible that in the same period of 2015 to $ 58 billion would mean a decline.

New offerings in music, Apple has been diversifying and its growth from Apple Watch and Equipment number.

The company smartwatch Co "reported the sale of other products in the last quarter was $ 4.35 billion music products Beat, but did not break down those figures. Services accounted for $ 6 billion.

The market for tablet computers iPad unit sales as sales cooled in a revenue decline of 56 per cent and 25 per cent saw a decline.

Some research firm Current Analysis AVI Greengart market for the world's biggest company by value, that did not appear.

"Pretty great for Apple," he said in a tweet. "Your main product (iPhone) is flat, most recently Hit (iPad) 25%, research and development costs down, but still increase profit."

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