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muslin and fund research: analyst

Update : 2016-02-08 12:17:54
muslin and fund research: analyst

Government researchers and fine muslin should provide financial assistance to the weavers to revive lost glory of cotton fabric, analysts said.

muslin revival is a historic and commercial value as it is important, Mustafizur Rahman, said the government's executive director for policy dialogue.

"In the Indian subcontinent, especially to those sent to Dhaka, worth Rs 28 lakh muslin different countries, especially in Europe 1789," Rehman said. He said Bangladesh National Museum, spoke at a seminar on the revival Dhaka muslin.

"History shows that the muslin had a commercial value. Once it comes to revive it, but first we need to discover the real muslin cotton," he said.

An expert committee is working to discover the need to spin the original cotton muslin cotton, Rehman said.

Today's jamdani, and his father, the original muslin weavers as a handloom can adapt easily cotton fabric of skilled weavers muslin weaving and design, he said.

Hameeda Hossain, a human rights activist and academic, said the government should set up a muslin museum to the glory of Bangladesh was once known worldwide for keeping safe and display products.

"It is a pity that we do not have a textile museum for us to protect our heritage and legacy for our next generation has little muslin heritage.," Hameeda said.

Dhaka, the main production hub for muslin fabric, but the product was made in the same place, as well, he said.

"We can understand the potential that requires regular photo exhibitions of muslin products. We also need to identify except Weaver forced profession that challenge and reason," he said.

Md Farid ud, Executive Director of the Bangladesh Cotton Development Board, collection, identification and preservation of muslin for its revival.

"There are 520 varieties of cotton, timber, and the Cotton Development Board was set up in a timber Center was to identify the cotton muslin to genetic resources," said Farid ud.

Textiles and during Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's visit as a commercial value to the ministry of jute muslin again directed the authorities to revive, Jamal Abdul said an additional secretary as Chaudhry, Industry Ministry.

Rosemary Crill, Victoria and London in a seminar presented a keynote and senior curator of South Asian textiles and dresses and Albert Museum.

Drik, Bangladesh National Museum, and Aarong a month-long muslin exhibition at the National Museum building are co-organizing.

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