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Star Journo concern over the threat to the leader, its editor

Update : 2016-02-10 22:11:55
Star Journo concern over the threat to the leader, its editor

Journalist leaders expressed to the English newspaper today leads his deep concern over the risk, The Daily Star has stopped and arrested its editor.

The cycle of risk came to appreciate the power of government, journalist, leader of the Bangladesh Federal Union (BFUJ) and Dhaka Journalist Union (other) said in a joint statement.

Leader deep concern over the threats and expressed concern.

BFUJ President Shamsuddin Haroon, Secretary General M. Abdullah, and other chief Abdul Hai Alexander, and its General Secretary Jahangir Alam Prodhan statement.

The reaction was filed against unnamed in Bangladesh and Laxmipur for a day after two defamation allegedly publishing reports based on the bad image of the Awami League chief Sheikh Hasina that the case is provided by the DGFI.

"We think, that are inspired threat and demanded the arrest of the editor of the newspaper on a controversial issue, and the media try to panic. We will read it strongly condemned and opposed," the statement.

Referring to the journalist's detention, media and journalists sagara Runi murder of journalist leaders said that the freedom of the press, he said, "The government has been in danger because of the repression and control.

Daily Star is closed and the new threats to arrest its editor attitude of "anti-government media" exposure.

They also immortal editor Mahmudur Rahman and condemned the arrest of former president Shawkat Mahmud Press Club. They open the government to close media.

At the performance of a speech on February 3, Daily Star Editor Mahfuz anonymous, an introspective comment on a mistake in a report published in its editorial judgment that the newspaper could not be verified independently.

During the 2007-08 period, almost all mainstream media outlets - print and electronic - ran a report on corruption by top political figures on the basis of information provided by the United Force.

But the leaders and lawmakers of the ruling party are making an issue out of it, and the Daily Star and dig at the editor. It also damaged and Mahfuz anonymous spin are being made for the fact that negative talk during the show.

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