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Executes N Korea army chief

Update : 2016-02-10 22:19:03
Executes N Korea army chief

North Korea unconfirmed South Korean media reported ri Yong- Gil's army chief of staff has given the death penalty.

Senior officials in North Korea has previously been long view, to restore long periods.

However, General ri number of high-level official of the current leader, Kim will have to be taken under Jong-un.

South Korean media reported that General ri corruption and "factional conspiracy was executed earlier this month".

General ri sentence report the day after starting the North is a long-range rocket, which critics say the ban is a test of missile technology.

North its fourth nuclear test in January.

Watch some say can be connected to shore up his position before May because of a rare party of the government's recent behavior, Kim Jong-un, the ruling Workers' Party.

May was executed in 2015 for showing disloyalty to the North's Defence Minister Kim Hyon Yong-chol, South Korea's spy agency, parliament, told.

It said that was hit by anti-aircraft fire in front of an audience of Hyon hundred. Report, which came after 15 senior officials punished the news of the week.

Also Wednesday, South Korea announced it was suspending the North's recent rocket and start working on getting-run Kaesong industrial park in North Korea following the nuclear test.

Seoul said it will stop all work on the premises, for its nuclear and missile development fund "to prevent the North using its investment.

North Korea suspended income will mean that it will lose up to this site comes a year (£ 69m) $ 100 m.

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