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To suggest pollution to protect your skin

Update : 2016-03-13 19:53:11
To suggest pollution to protect your skin

Pollution is the buzzword in the skin for 2016, thanks to new research does for your skin. It is not all doom and smoke sorrow, but it is easy to protect yourself with fresh air.

So, why is everyone talking about pollution?
Obviously, no one ever thought dirty air was great for the skin, but now we can add it to you for the same year. A quick science fact - is made up of love latching on his face that particle pollution. Your skin in fat tend to slip in through very small pores while bound.
Yucky, it's true. But bad mucky can be a bit of wind?
very much. First of all, the skin barrier against pollution; So is a violation of their first line of defense. Darenaja moisture and the skin is dry and rough. There is a weak barrier, so you can surprise you what the product has been used for years, leaving you open to skin allergies wide.
Pollution is really going to make me look old?
So fear. Pollutant trigger particle cause too much sun, the same kind of leadership that is aging, free radicals. This is not just a matter of starting early wrinkles. "Here is the forehead and was previously thought to be caused by the sun, cheeks, and is a link between air pollution and pigmentation spots," says pollution expert Dr Jean Krutman.
I live in a city. So I'm OK ,?
Obviously, the more air you breathe, the largest polluting ill effects. However, research shows are built-up breathing air pollutants by 90 percent of people living in the area. It just does not come from a gridlocked traffic or factory fumes. For example, cigarette smoke (including passive type) is filled with pollutant particles. Plus, research has foam insulation to indoor sources of air pollution, stoves and fireplaces, and also looking at the computer printer!
Sun and fog - Double Trouble
Will not protect you from yourself SPF pollution, but it did make it worse UV damage. Why? In addition, UV and work means in the form of air toxins from the skin is a combination of sun exposure, a variety of causes supervillain tag team and a contaminated environment caused more damage than the individual. In short, SPF wear all year round.
The beauty boost their air with wonders
You can fight the effects of pollution by tweaking their beauty regime:
Steps have to be transferred to sit at the Lodge in the surface of your skin or follicles that is a pollutant particles. Sonic remove brush clean dirt document other than cleaning.
Dead on the surface of your skin, is another important problem, contaminated cell of shots. Is a product for you to use at least three times a week at a fairly gentle.
We have gone beyond the role of a mud pack and cucumber slices - not only promote high-tech mask a skin barrier for 2016 former masques in between treatments, while it is on the face, but also pollutes the block receptors which is usually locked.
Anti-oxidants free radical massacre are vital to neutralizing release of pollution. wear a day cream packed with antioxidant vitamins, and add a vitamin C serum. As well as being a powerful antioxidant, it helps to curb pollution and even reverse age spots.
Block it
Foundation blocks pollutant can penetrate into the latch and your skin on that particle amount.

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