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May trumpet as host of the first foreign leader

Update : 2017-01-28 00:17:53
May trumpet as host of the first foreign leader

trumpUS President Donald Trump, welcome as the first foreign leader to visit made his debut as a politician on Friday, British Prime Minister Theresa May, the White House.

The meeting is an important moment in trans- Atlantic relations that Trump select and NATO, the United Nations and trained more block foundations of the world order has been moved to think.

May trumpet welcomed himself on his arrival at the White House. The pair met in the Oval Office, posing and Winston shaking hands in front of Churchill's statue.

They will normally 1800 GMT at a joint press conference before a working dinner.

May affect equal parts travel campaign and the charm offensive.

He Trump is expected to give another head-Scottish Highland a nod to the Scottish ancestry of a Trump, a ceremonial cup engraved quaich-. His mother was born on the island of Lewis.

First Lady Melania a gift hamper for Trump, apple juice, damson jam Plum, marmalade, baikavaila tarts and cranberry and white chocolate shortbread cookies.

But for sweet, meeting a meaty main course.

May is underpinned European security since World War II that collective security arrangement expected to win the support of the neophyte president.

Trump old bhadia NATO and Russia's Vladimir Putin two positions, which has expressed a desire to close the European leaders to Lisbon to London.

Britain's military power, depending on its nuclear deterrent, the United States of equipment and systems.

In private, European diplomats have generally right-wing nationalist top Trump adviser Steve Bannon and France, fret about the impact in Britain and beyond populists.

Shortly after his election, the European Union, Trump, right-wing British politician Nigel Farage met was to disrupt the work of his life.

But is struggling to support multiple business and Trump breaks with decades of his preference for bilateral agreements to deal May, the complex interaction of Britain to the European Union could be agreed to.

Faced with the exit from the European single market, the British government is scrambling to secure the bilateral deals around the world.

US-netting Trump, a commitment to the agreement could be a major UK tour itself and will help to prove that the British electorate.

May an American hope hope is that while the deal is a split may be worse off than people in Europe fear the UK economy of the single market will help complex.

After his inauguration Trump's decision to meet only a week has caused controversy at home. Trump European politicians of all stripes for women, Muslims and the use of torture has been condemned.

When the White House could announce his visit sometimes wrong when his name is Thursday helped.

Promised to appear with her daughter with a priest named "frank" unpredictable billionaire, and has laughed off questions about their personal compatibility.

"Do not you ever seen that sometimes attract the opposite?" He said on the plane.

May Arlington National Cemetery, which is different war from the beginning his day with a visit to the final resting place of a number of war dead British soldier with the US Army on Friday.

During the long campaign, in conjunction with his image on Trump's house and showed little interest in foreign policy, except for a pledge, "America first."

His office in the first week of the war of words with Mexico at a border wall of the building, and has been marked by his promise to make Mexico pay.

On Thursday, the Mexican Enrique pena Nieto protests called off a planned visit to Washington. But the pair spoke by telephone on Friday, a Mexican government source said.

Thursday could be reached in the United States and one in a speech to receive a rapturous welcome appeal to Russia's "cautious" to Republican lawmakers gathered in Philadelphia, and colleagues warning "step" and global security to play a major role.

Keep growing tensions between the US and China, he said, "will not fear the West's Eclipse", stood together in Britain and the United States.

May said that NATO member state should contribute their fair share to a complaint by former and current US administration in favor of the alliance to Trump's claim was "outdated."

May also said the Iranian nuclear deal defense against the criticism of the president, "so important" to regional security, but should now be forced.

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