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Global banking rules agreement 'once the dust settles in the United States

Update : 2017-01-28 00:22:04
Global banking rules agreement 'once the dust settles in the United States

When access to the new US administration has made it clear should wait for an agreement on new global banking rules, the European Union has asked the chairman of the Finance Minister on Friday.

Strained global financial regulator, the Basel Committee between the EU and the United States, which is closed for the US, European and Japanese bank supervision, capital requirements and months of effort to improve the rules on loss-absorbing buffer .

Had missed a deadline to reach a deal by the end of last year and has been proposed no new target date.

"It is that we have a monthly meeting does not want to delay, but things are changing," Maltese Finance Minister Edward Scicluna will discuss EU finance ministers in Brussels, where the condition of the Basel negotiations said.

Scicluna, whose country holds rotating EU presidency until July, said that it would be wrong to take things unclear when a decision. In uncertainty, he quoted President Donald Trump, whose financial law and intentions, the new US administration's clear.

He urged the global regulator, only to arrive at an agreement "once the dust settles, to avoid being caught with a false deal.

Feel as prepared by Europe and Japan to improve the Basel Committee review and development opposed banks must hold capital against risk disproportionately.

The EU and will increase costs for Japanese banks have the party, warned European officials that a similar set of proposed rules on anti Basel.

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