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Bangladesh ended the first day of the unbeaten century

Update : 2019-08-27 22:59:34
Bangladesh ended the first day of the unbeaten century

Bangladesh will play an unofficial four-day match at the Sheikh Abu Nasser Stadium in Khulna against the fledgling Sri Lanka team. At the end of the day, Nazmul Islam scored 20 goals in the unbeatable century of Shantar, and lost 5 wickets. Saif Hassan and Mohammed Naim came to start the game.

Naim (1) returned to the hands of Minoda Fanuka for Kalan Pereira, who scored only 12 games. Then he came to the field to help Saif calm down. Saif (1) left the field after losing two times to two players.

Yasser Ali, who arrived in the third wicket, could not support Chant. Yasser (5 years) went to the wing by taking the shabby Mendes by Rath Mendes. Afif Hassan Shanta awarded a great partnership in the Fourth Wicket.

The pair added 5 runs to the scoreboard. Afif completed half a hundred. But after a personal tour, Afif could not lead the team. Nisan Peiris withdrew it at the head of a 5-year position

The captain finished the first day with 121 players defeated with Zakir Hassan (5). Pereira, Mendes and Peres took one share each

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