| Dhaka, Sunday, 26 May 2024

May trumpet as host of the first foreign leader

trumpUS President Donald Trump, welcome as the first foreign leader to visit made his debut as a politician on Friday, British Prime Minister Theresa May, the White House.

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Foreign Minister meets King Abdullah Foundation trip in Saudi Arabia, Prince Turkey

Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali King Abdullah for international humanitarian work in Riyadh visited Foundation. Prince, chief executive officer met with Turkey without foundation

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The death of former chief Boutros-ghali UN

Former United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros ghali, which led to the world body in 1996 to 1992, has died, the Ambassador 

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Executes N Korea army chief

North Korea unconfirmed South Korean media reported ri Yong- Gil's army chief of staff has given the death penalty.

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US 'Intel warning of the details of the terrorist group in Bangladesh

Italian citizen Cesare Tavella (right) and Japanese national Kunio Hoshi (left) on September 28 and October 3, respectively, were killed in Dhaka and Rangpur on the previous year.

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Bangladesh lost a High Court for staff accommodation

He had been missing for six hours on Monday, after an employee of the Bangladesh High Commission in Pakistan, was returning to his residence in Islamabad.

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French minister at the UN sends carbon pricing

 On Wednesday, French Environment Minister Segolene Royal at a United Nations gathering of investors to promote green technology for high carbon pricing case.

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India waives visa fees Bangladesh

Government of India, Bangladesh, including 48 least-developed countries (LDCs) to the applicant for a waiver of fees for business and employment visas.

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Adopted the United Nations climate-line store

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said at the Paris Le Bourget, COP21 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Arctic / Svalbard` delivering a speech during the presentation, on December ...

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Yemen's Aden's governor killed in car bomb blast

Yemen's second city of Aden governor tore through a residential neighborhood, a car bomb that had been killed on Sunday, a local official and witnesses.

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Weather-defense conference in Paris World leaders

Los Angeles to call for action on climate change in the environmental activists and supporters during a rally, California on November 29, 2015 Photo: APPWorld leader poorly IPL letterhead of ...

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Britain seeking to stay in the EU, Cameron lays out

British Prime Minister David Cameron. AFP file photo British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to reform it if he does not get to meet European leaders in

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Poorly set for sweeping power

Tuesday the latest results of the regional elections in Myanmar, with the state taking control of the government, democracy champion Aung San Suu economists showed strength and reshaping the political ...

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Accused of treason Nepal booters

Nepal's former national football captain and goalkeeper in the 2011 World Cup qualifiers over the alleged match-fixing among five players on charges of treason, an official said Sunday.

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Indian author Arundhati Roy award

Roy BRooker award-winning Indian author Arundhati Roy on Thursday against his ideological corruption as a distinct political movement as part of a national award for "proudly" announced that felt, Media ...

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Russian plane crash kills 224

A Russian ship in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula yesterday after a crash in a mountainous part of the international airport outside Saint Petersburg optimum relative weep.224

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Powerful earthquake rocks southern Asia, 70 dead

It tried to flee their school collapsed, crushed to death in a stampede, including 12 Afghan girls, on Monday rocked South Asia as a powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake that killed ...

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Tony Blair Iraq war forgiveness for mistakes

Tony Blair, in the run-up to the war, the intelligence report's inaccuracy and poor post-war planning for forgiveness.

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New weapons, nuclear tensions with the Obama urges Pakistan to avoid raising

Nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan at a time of heightened tensions between the US President Barack Obama and instability that may increase the risk of the development of its nuclear ...

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SIS The end? Air attack after running out of Ammo and equipment 'terrorist group

Islamic States (ISIS) in Russian air attacks Ammo, heavy vehicles and large quantities of equipment is on the brink of defeat after losing, it has been claimed.

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