| Dhaka, Tuesday, 16 April 2024

 Mohamed Morsi got death sentenced 

For the spyihng and helping to escape the prisoners in jail, Egypt former president  Mohamed Morsi got death sentenced a court of Egypt.

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 Militants seize Ramadi stronghold : ISIS

In the meantime in Syria, Islamic State militants are said to be getting close to the well-known earliest wreck of Palmyra.

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sarnaev got death sentence in US court

Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death by a US judges on Friday for serving take out the 2013 assault that killed 3  citizens and injured 264 others ...

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 United States of America dmand should not  push back new boat

The United States has demand the governments of Indonesia, Malaysia, as well as Thailand to desist from close to reverse arrivals of new-fangled boat shipping Bangladeshi migrants and Rohingya at ...

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Philippine factory fire death toll rises to 72

The death toll has risen to 72 in a fire that gutted a rubber slipper factory in the Philippine capital of Manila, a firefighter said on Thursday, as police vowed ...

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Malaysia turns away boat with more than 500 migrants

 Malaysia has turned away a boat with more than 500 Rohingya Muslims and Bangladeshis after providing them with fuel and provisions, a government official said Thursday.

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Burundi coup bid: President Nkurunziza's return 'thwarted' 

Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza's attempt to return home to tackle a coup has failed and he has returned to Tanzania where he was attending a summit, officials there told the ...

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43 Shiites killed, several injured after gunmen open fire on bus in Karachi

Forty-three people, including women, were killed and several others injured when gunmen riding motorcycles fired indiscriminately at a bus carrying members of the Ismaili Shia community in the Pakistani port ...

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65 killed as strong quake hits Nepal, jolts India and Bangladesh

A new earthquake and powerful aftershocks killed dozens of people and brought fresh terror to a traumatised Nepal yesterday as buildings already damaged in a monster quake last month came ...

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10,000 trafficking victims held captive in 100 camps near Thai-Malaysian border

There could be 10,000 boat people detained near the Thai-Malaysian border in more than 100 detention camps, held in custody by guards who are both locals and Rohingya, according to ...

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2 US police officers shot dead in Mississippi

Two police officers were shot and killed on Saturday in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and the shooter fled the area in a police vehicle, local television station WDAM reported.

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Former Turkish President dies

Former Turkish President Kenan Evren has died on Saturday at the age of 97. On 12 September 1980 General Evren launched a coup that overthrew the government. He went on to ...

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Google doodle celebrates Mother's Day

Google is paying tribute to mothers all over the world to mark Mother's Day. Its doodle today showcases a mother's unconditional love for her offspring, in not just the human ...

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100 Rohingya from Bangladesh, Myanmar rescued in Thai jungle

More than 100 suspected Rohingya migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh have been found in Thailand's southern Songkhla province, police said on Friday.

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Cameron mulls make-up of new cabinet

David Cameron is spending the weekend finalising his first all-Conservative cabinet after his party won a majority in Thursday's election.

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30 more migrant graves found in Thai camps

Police found 30 new graves at an old, unused Muslim burial ground inside an abandoned detention camp for illegal Rohingya migrants in Hat Yai district, Songkhla, this morning.

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10-hr strike in Assam against LBA inclusion

Opposition Asom Gana Parishad enforced a 10-hour Assam bandh today to protest against inclusion of the state in the Land Boundary Agreement between India and Bangladesh, reports the Indian news ...

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Chile president to reshuffle entire cabinet

Chile President Michelle Bachelet said she will reshuffle her entire cabinet in the next few days, a surprise announcement that indicates the depth of her concern about a collapse in ...

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India’s upper house passes bill paving way for ratification of land boundary deal with Bangladesh

In a rare display of unanimity, India's Rajya Sabha yesterday passed the landmark constitution amendment bill to ratify the long-pending Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh. 

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LBA placed before Rajya Sabha

Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj placed before the Rajya Sabha this afternoon the constitution amendment bill on Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) with Bangladesh which is expected to pave the ...

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