| Dhaka, Monday, 27 May 2024

Cyclone Pam leaves trail of destruction in Pacific's Vanuatu

SUVA, Fiji: A huge tropical cyclone smashed into Vanuatu in the South Pacific, terrifying residents and leaving "complete devastation" with fears on Saturday that dozens of people may have died. 

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21 dead, 26 missing after Myanmar ferry sinks

A passenger ferry has sunk off the coast of western Myanmar leaving at least 21 people dead and 26 missing, police said Saturday. The ‘Aung Takon’ was carrying more than 200 ...

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Sweden finally offers to question Assange in London

Swedish prosecutors offered Friday to question WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in London over rape allegations, in a U-turn that could provide a breakthrough in the deadlocked case.

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Maldives' ex-president sentenced to 13 years in prison

Former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed was sentenced to 13 years in prison on Friday after being found guilty of terrorism for ordering the arrest of a judge when he was ...

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Iraqi forces take military hospital from ISIS as Tikrit offensive continues

Joint Iraqi forces now have control of Tikrit Military Hospital as they continue their offensive to liberate the city from ISIS.the joint forces raised the Iraqi flag from the hospital ...

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Australian teen jihadist dead in ISIS suicide attack in Iraq

An Australian teenage jihadist has died in an Islamic State suicide attack in Iraq overnight, media reports claimed on Thursday.The 18-year-old youth, named Jake Bilardi, had previously made preparations to ...

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11 dead in US military helicopter crash  

Seven US Marines and four aircrew were missing and presumed dead Wednesday after their army helicopter crashed during a night training exercise in Florida, military officials said.

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Ferguson police chief  resigns

The police chief of Ferguson, Missouri, has resigned following a scathing US Justice Department report that found widespread racially biased abuses in the city's police department and municipal court.

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 German envoy: India not a country of rapists

Germany's ambassador to India has rebuked a German university professor for what he said was the rejection of an internship application from a male Indian student on grounds of India's ...

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 Ex Indian Manmahon says: I am upset, but the truth will prevail

The special CBI court hearing the coal block allocation case, Wednesday, summoned former prime minister Manmohan Singh as an accused and asked him to appear before it on April 8.

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Indian court summons Manmohan Singh

A special court here on Wednesday summoned former prime minister Manmohan Singh as accused in a coal block allocation case.

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Hillary says private email was 'convenient'

Hillary Clinton, under attack for using a personal email address to conduct US State Department business, defended the practice on Tuesday as a matter of ‘convenience,’ but her comments failed ...

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IS posts Israeli Arab teen’s 'death video'

A video posted online by Islamic State militants on Tuesday showed a boy fatally shooting Muhammad Musallam, an Israeli Arab accused by the group of having signed up as a ...

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India's PM Modi to visit Sri Lanka's Tamil heartland

Narendra Modi will become the first Indian leader to visit Sri Lanka's war-torn Tamil heartland this week, sending a powerful message on reconciliation to the new government in Colombo.

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Ten dead in Argentina helicopter crash

Two helicopters carrying passengers filming a popular European reality show crashed Monday in a remote area of northwest Argentina, killing eight French citizens and two Argentines, authorities said.

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US Supreme Court rejects Guantanamo torture cases

The US Supreme Court declined to hear appeals on Tuesday about the alleged mistreatment of Guantanamo Bay detainees, barring the release of images and preventing a Syrian man from suing ...

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Bomb kills 1, wounds 24 in Egypt's Sinai: officials

A bomb targeting a police station in Egypt's restive Sinai Peninsula killed a civilian and wounded 24 policemen, security and health officials said.

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Venezuela a national security threat: US

The United States declared Venezuela a national security threat on Monday and ordered sanctions against seven officials from the oil-rich country in the worst bilateral diplomatic dispute since socialist President ...

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Republicans warn Iran nuclear deal with Obama may not last

 Forty-seven Republican US senators warned Iran's leaders on Monday that any nuclear deal with President Barack Obama could last only as long as he remains in office, an unusual partisan ...

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4 bombs in Nigeria kill at least 50

Four bomb blasts killed at least 50 people in Maiduguri in Nigeria's northeast on Saturday in the worst attacks there since Islamist militants tried to seize the city in two ...

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