| Dhaka, Monday, 15 April 2024

4 years on, Japan's tsunami victims remain frozen in their tragedy

In cold drizzle Takayuki Ueno combs a desolate winter beach for the bones of his three-year-old son, unable to move on in his grief until he finds the remains of ...

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Bangladeshi taken hostage by ISIS

A Bangladeshi along with eight foreigners were taken hostage by members of the Islamic group ISIS from Al-Ghani oil field south Sirte of Libya on Friday. The Bangladesh Embassy in Tripoli ...

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South Korean president visits injured US envoy

South Korea's president visited injured US ambassador Mark Lippert on Monday amid an outpouring of public sympathy and support for the envoy who is recovering from an attack by a ...

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US prepared to 'walk away' in case of no deal with Iran: Obama

Asserting that "gaps" still exist in negotiations over Iran's controversial nuclear programme, President Barack Obama has said the US is prepared to "walk away" if a deal cannot be made ...

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Colombia puts Chinese ship captain under house arrest

A judge has ordered house arrest for the Chinese captain of a freighter Colombia stopped in port for carrying unregistered Cuba-bound weapons and materiel, a prosecutor said Sunday.

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Putin describes secret operation to seize Crimea

President Vladimir Putin has revealed the moment he says he gave the secret order for Russia's annexation of Crimea and described how Russian troops were ready to fight to rescue ...

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Colombia:  Leftist FARC in giant step toward peace

Colombia's government and Marxist FARC rebels announced Saturday they had reached a deal on demanding, a stride forward on a key issue to negotiate peace after decades of conflict.

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ISIS vandalized ancient Nimrub city  

Islamic State fighters have looted and bulldozed the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, the Iraqi government said, in their latest assault on some of the world's greatest archaeological and cultural ...

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Greek minister's shame at immigration detention

Afghan migrant Nazir Gazemi shudders at the thought of the two and a half years he spent in the so-called Greek Guantanamos, the notorious migrant detention camps the country's new ...

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Islamic State expelled from Iraq town Al-Baghdadi: US

Iraqi government forces and allied tribal militia have retaken the town of Al-Baghdadi, from where jihadists had threatened to attack an airbase housing US troops, the US military has said. 

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China sets lowest growth target in two decades after reality check

China has set a growth target of 7 per cent for 2015, lowest in two decades. The lowered ambition reflects declining exports and foreign investments besides the government's fear of ...

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Indian fishermen will be shot if they cross border, says Sri Lankan PM Ranil Wickramesinghe

The Sri Lankan navy is only acting as per law when it fires at Indian fishermen entering Lankan waters and therefore they should keep away, said Sri Lankan Prime Minister ...

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Iran nuclear commitments do not go far enough : France

The French embassy in Bamako issued a message to all French nationals in the city to exercise caution if they had to leave their homes.

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Gunmen attack restaurant in Mali capital, 4 dead

Four people, including French and Belgian nationals, were shot dead overnight in a restaurant on a busy street in the Malian capital Bamako, police and an AFP reporter on the ...

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Artaj Aziz says: No breakthrough with India 

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's key adviser, Sartaj Aziz, admitted there was no breakthrough in the recently held talks between the India and Pakistan on foreign secretary level.

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Pakistan have arrested 46 Indian fishermen

Pakistani authorities have arrested 46 Indian fishermen and seized their boats for allegedly violating the country's territorial waters in the Arabian Sea, officials said

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