| Dhaka, Wednesday, 21 February 2024

2nd  foreign suspect arrested Bangkok bomb

A second foreign suspect has been arrested in connection with the deadly bombing at a Bangkok shrine in August, the Thai prime minister has said.

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Reports says Pakistan’s Sindh province fast becoming safe haven for terrorists

Pakistan’s Sindh province is fast becoming a terrorist safe haven with jihadi outfits running a large number of madrasas and the country’s leadership lacking a political will to take actions ...

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Al Shabaab militants kill 50 peacekeepers

Al Shabaab militants attacked an African Union (AU) base in southern Somalia early on Tuesday, the Islamist group and residents said, with unconfirmed reports that dozens of AU soldiers were ...

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Palmyra's Temple of Bel 'destroyed' a satellite image confirms 

A satellite image confirms that the main temple in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra has been destroyed, the United Nations says.

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Barack Obama demand Offended by attacks on Jews who back Iran deal

President Barack Obama said people who attack Jews who support the Iran nuclear deal are like African-Americans who differ with him on policy and then conclude he’s “not black enough.” ...

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 Edward Snowden says Osama bin Laden is alive, staying in Bahamas

It may be a little difficult to believe but Edward Snowden has claimed that Osama bin Laden was still alive.

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ISIS partially destroys ancient Roman temple in Syria's Palmyra

The Islamic State (IS) militants destroyed parts of a famous ancient Roman temple in the historic city of Palmyra in central Syria, a monitor group reported on Sunday.

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Boko Haram kills 68 in Nigeria 

Islamic extremist group Boko Haram killed 68 villagers in a remote area, the governor of Borno State of the region said Sunday, as the government warned that the extremists are ...

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Egypt for the first stage will cast ballots on October  17-18 

Egypt on Sunday announced that long-awaited parliamentary elections will take place in October and November, a hoped-for step toward democracy amid a harsh crackdown on dissent. Ayman Abbas, head of ...

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ISIS  minting gold coins

In its latest propaganda video, the Islamic State which has already been branded as the richest terror organisation in history, claims to have started its own currency by minting gold ...

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Malaysia  protests against PM Najib Razak

Defying authorities, tens of thousands of Malaysians wearing yellow T-shirts and blowing horns gathered Saturday in Kuala Lumpur for a major rally to demand the resignation of embattled Prime Minister ...

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10 years Katrina's disaster in New Orleans

Traditional New Orleans parades are part of the anniversaryCommemorations have taken place in the US city of New Orleans to mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

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war parade of China

Beijing is battening down the hatches and cranking up the propaganda ahead of a massive military parade this week to mark the end of World War Two, shooing cars from ...

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US says horrified Al-Jazeera journalist punishment

The lawyer for Al-Jazeera English correspondent Peter Greste says his three-year jail sentence in Egypt is “unjust” and “plainly political.” Greste was sentenced on Saturday, along with producer Baher Mohammed ...

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Storm Erika kills at least 20 in Dominica Republic

A tropical storm heading across the Caribbean has killed at least 20 people on the island of Dominica, with dozens more missing.

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Trump attacks Hillary's Indian American aide

As an email controversy continued to dog Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump accused her top aide of spilling classified secrets to her notorious husband, Anthony Weiner, whom he called a "perv" ...

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20 killed in tropical storm in  Dominica

 Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said Friday at least 20 people had been killed by Tropical Storm Erika as it passed over his tiny Caribbean nation sowing a trail of "monumental" ...

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MERS virus kills 19 in week in Saudi Arabia

Deaths from the MERS coronavirus have surged in Saudi Arabia ahead of the hajj pilgrimage, with 19 fatalities recorded in a week, according to health ministry statistics.

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Migrants cricis :71, including 4 children, 8 women in  Austria

A truck full of refugees discovered abandoned on an Austrian motorway on Thursday contains 71 bodies, including 4 children and 8 women the Austrian police said on Friday, announcing the ...

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Barack Obama expects improved US-Israel ties

President Barack Obama on Friday compared tensions between the US and Israel over the Iranian nuclear deal to a family feud and said he expects quick improvements in ties between ...

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