| Dhaka, Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Shots fired in Ferguson

A day of peaceful rallies in Ferguson, Missouri, gave way to pandemonium on Sunday as gunfire erupted during a standoff between police in riot gear and protesters near where an ...

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11 killed and 50 injured in stampede at temple in India

At least 11 people lost their lives and 50 others were injured when a stampede occurred at a temple in Jharkhand's Deogarh district early on Monday.

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South Korea condemns North over land mine blast

South Korea’s military threatened retaliation against North Korea on Monday after it accused the North of planting land mines inside the Demilitarised Zone border that wounded two soldiers last week, ...

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Singapore turns 50 years of Independence

Festooned with countless red and white flags, Singapore kicks off an extravagant celebration of its 50th anniversary on Sunday, an occasion of national pride the city state’s ruling party is ...

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UN chief says "No more Nagasakis, no more Hiroshimas"

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe and Nagasaki Mayor on Monday were among several delegates attending the ceremony to mark 70 years since an atomic bomb was dropped at the southern Japanese ...

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International media sparks for Bangladeshi blogger murder

International actors and media around the world widely covered and deplored Friday’s murder in Dhaka of yet another blogger, Niladri Chattopaddhyay, the fourth of such incident this year.

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ISIS killed 19 women for "Refusing sex"

In yet another barbaric act, terror group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) killed 19 women for refusing to 'have sex with militants'.

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China wins the South China sea

With preparations for Chinese President Xi Jinping's September visit to Washington, DC, underway, officials in both countries are predictably playing down their differences over China's outsize territorial claims, backed by ...

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Typhoon Soudelor  attacks Taiwan

Typhoon Soudelor lashed Taiwan on Saturday, downing trees, traffic lights and power lines, and leaving at least four dead, one missing and dozens injured.The typhoon brought strong winds and heavy ...

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Japan symbols 70th anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bombing 6th August

 Bells tolled in Hiroshima on Thursday as Japan marked 70 years since the atomic bombing that helped end World War II but still divides opinion today on whether the total ...

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Bobby Jindal fall short to chink Top 10 for Republican presidential contest

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal might have done a series of push ups, however he failed to make it to the Top 10 list of Republican Presidential hopefuls who would slug ...

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ISIS video threatens to behead Croatian captive

The barbaric group Islamic State has again come up with a video threatening to behead a French firm employee belonging to Croatia within 48 hours if Egypt did not free ...

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UK charges Pak-origin Anjem Choudary support for ISIS

A British radical cleric of Pakistani-origin has been charged by a London court with posting online lectures to lure support for the extremist organisation Islamic State.

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The pain goes on for MH370 families

Emotional relatives of those aboard doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Thursday said they hoped the first proof that it crashed will help finally solve the agonising mystery, but many also ...

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Rakib killing Beauty in three days remand

A Khulna court today granted police three days to interrogate in custody Beauty Begum, an accused in the killing of 13-year-old Rakib.

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70th anniversary  of Hiroshima bombing day 

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Hiroshima Thursday to mark 70 years since the atomic bombing that helped end World War II but still divides opinion today over whether ...

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Debris found on Reunion Island from MH370

A piece of a wing that washed up on an Indian Ocean island beach last week was part of the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, Malaysia said on Thursday, ...

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Seven decades later :Atomic bomb still scars Hiroshima inhabitants  

Charred bodies bobbed in the brackish waters that flowed through Hiroshima 70 years ago this week, after a once-vibrant Japanese city was consumed by the searing heat of the world`s ...

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British PM Edward Heath was the  client of a Prostitute

A brothel-keeper woman, who made the sensational revelation that former British prime minister Edward Heath was one of her clients, has been identified as a Filpino prostitute who had cases ...

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ISIS leaflet with sex slave price list in circulation

In another despicable revelation, the extremist group ISIS is said to be publishing pamphlets with price list for captured women and kids who are sold to fighters and affluent Middle ...

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