| Dhaka, Wednesday, 28 February 2024

'Polygamy' puts you at 4-times higher risk of heart disease

According to Dr Daoulah, until now no study had assessed the effect of polygamy on cardiovascular health. Men who practice polygamy have up to four concurrent wives who can reside ...

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Eradicating malaria myths: It is no monsoon malady, has no vaccine

According to the latest report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), since 2000 malaria mortality rates have decreased by 47% worldwide. It is estimated that more than four million malaria-related ...

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Top 7 healthy versions of fatty foods

Ask any health expert as to what is the most prominent trend, which plays a big role in increasing the obesity epidemic worldwide, and he or she is sure to ...

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Poorer children have smaller brains: Study

Children from lower income families have smaller brains than those from more affluent backgrounds, a study in the US has found.Researchers stressed that the links found do not mean that ...

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Wristband that can help tackle depression

A wristband that records motion throughout a 24-hour cycle may be a great aid in treating depression, says a study.The wristband may help the doctor in determining which patients with ...

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Yes, there’s something called happiness sweat and it’s infectious

Do you know why she feels happy when you are in jolly mood? The answer lies in your sweat.

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Ebola survivors ‘safe sex warning’

The WHO has urged Ebola survivors to be even more cautious during sexual contact to ensure the virus is not passed on to their partners.

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Divorcees 'have more heart attacks'

Divorcees are more likely to have a heart attack than their peers who stay married, US research suggests.An analysis of 15,827 people showed women were worst affected, and barely reduced ...

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Healthy food choices Indians make

Lessons to learn from the healthy food choices of communities across IndiaAs you get increasingly bombarded with generic junk food, you may have become more used to overlooking the nutritional ...

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7 foods that help burn fat in summer

Forget fancy diets, the top flab busters can be found in your own kitchen.Summer is here and if you have been feeling wistful over not being able to wear your ...

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6 ways you are not using lemons

In addition to enhancing the tangy taste to various delicacies, there are various other ways lemons can be used.

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How to take care of your eyes this summer

With temperatures soaring, taking proper care of our eyes is essential, feel Mumbai's ophthalmologists. We spoke to Dr Keiki Mehta, ophthalmic surgeon, and Dr Nikhil V Nasta, consultant cataract and ...

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5 foods that relieve stress

Here are some foods that can relieve stressGorging on food, when you're stressed or upset, may seem like the natural thing for most, but instead of grabbing an unhealthy snack, ...

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Resentment over hold on tobacco pictorial warnings

The central government's decision to postpone implementation of pictorial warnings that asked for more space on tobacco packaging from April 1 has saddened many, including health associations.

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Multi-tasking can hamper your brain

Multi-tasking can hamper your performance and may even damage your brain, claim researchers from Stanford University.The team found that people who are involved with multi-tasking cannot pay attention and recall ...

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Eight oils that can heal your body

Using an adequate amount of the right kinds of fats and oils can play a pivotal role in slowing down the ageing of your body.Good fats provide the body with ...

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Summer healthcare mantra

It is essential to take care of health owing to the scorching heat in summer months.Summer is one month which calls for utmost attention when it comes to watching out ...

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Taking care of your back in the workplaces

Md Junaid Ahamed (not a real name), 35 years old gentle man works in a private bank for 5 years. For the last 6 months, he has been suffering from ...

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Beware! High-fat diet can alter your behaviour

High-fat diet can affect brain health and promote changes in your behaviour, including increased anxiety, impaired memory, and repetitive behaviour, warns a new study.

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 Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Lemon Water

Lemon water flushes out toxins and is extremely beneficial for the body. Warm lemon water serves as the perfect ‘good morning drink’, as it aids the digestive system and makes the ...

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