| Dhaka, Sunday, 26 May 2024

IDB expresses concern over changes in Islami Bank

Islami Bank Bangladesh The Islamic Development Bank of Saudi Arabia (IDB) has expressed concern about the massive reorganization of the country's largest private bank, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL), without ...

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20 potential ECS names nominated

President-formed search committee has nominated the names of the 20 names to the list of potential CEC presented by the proposed political party.

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Turkey's ambassador to Dhaka

Turkey Ambassador Devrim OzturkTurkey strongly on Thursday after a top Jamaat-e-Islami, the leader of the protest walk in the country recalled its ambassador to Bangladesh for advice, the state-run Anatolia ...

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Woman found dead in a city hotel

A young woman was found dead Sunday in a residential hotel in the early Adabar city area of the city.

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Withdrawal of unemployed nurses strike

Walk to death Sunday following a meeting of the government demand of unemployed nurses.

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Tangail filed on Hindu murder case

Gopalpur of Tangail to kill JoardarA case Nikhil Chandra Joardar against three unidentified people to the police station.

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Asks the Bangladesh government to take a strong position against killer:Denmark

It also called on the government "to" a serious effort to protect freedom of expression and freedom of religion in Bangladesh.

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Tonu murder sad every part of the army, says ISPR

Army personnel are deeply saddened by this incident, ISPR said in a media statement. Rape was under the age of 19 years and are yet to be arrested on March ...

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Corruption can progress obstruction of a country: President

President Abdul Hamid said Sunday that corruption can help to educate the socio-economic development and the people of a country can be a major obstacle to check it.

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Citizens can update fingerprints for the ceremony at the office

An order issued by the Election Commission on Wednesday's ceremony wing said that can be updated on the election offices across the fingerprint.

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Star Journo concern over the threat to the leader, its editor

Journalist leaders expressed to the English newspaper today leads his deep concern over the risk, The Daily Star has stopped and arrested its editor.

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Road crashes: High Court order on all hospital emergency service

High Court directed the government to take all necessary steps to ensure the critically injured person at government and private hospitals across the country to provide emergency medical services.

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Chief Justice appeal eats division into three judges

Justice Mirza Hussain Haider, MD Nizamul Huq and Mohammad Bazlur Rahman, so it has been a judge at the High Court.

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Keraniganj prime murder suspect killed in shootout school Abdullah: RAB

Read the fifth-Md Abdullah's parents had chanced upon the allegations printed fake currency that the boy is his secret factory as Motahar Hussein, was kidnapped and killed.

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Ghazipur knife 2 DB

Police Detective Branch (DB) of the two members on Monday night in another Joydebpur Shibbari 'were stabbed in an attack by miscreants.

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'' Now it Rabby no bar

Masood suffer Sikder Bangladesh Bank official Golam Rabby's lawyer said police tortured his client's First Information Report (FIR) filed that there is no legal bar Wednesday, UNB news agency reported.

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Police want Bank Medical College

     Police on Wednesday the government organogram in addition to a separate division, run commercial banks and the Medical College demanded permission from the Prime Minister.

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Specialised police to combat terrorism: PM

On Tuesday, Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, police "to work on the formation of a special unit to combat terrorism and extremism is being said.

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CM: Facebook 'decision soon

The Chief Minister, Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, official talks with Facebook "has been fruitful, said the government" soon "Facebook will take a decision regarding Unblocking.

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3 ministers sat down with Facebook official

The government supervises the social network to discuss ways to ensure a meeting with Facebook officials in the capital.

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