| Dhaka, Friday, 09 December 2022

Facebook Bangladesh reply

Facebook officials in the country to ensure cyber security with popular social networks proposes a detailed discussion reply to its letter, Bangladesh has shown interest to negotiate with.

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Held in Satkhira 5 BNP-Jamaat among 25 people

Sunday night to Monday morning conducted simultaneous drive of different institutions in the United Force Satkhira district from various regions of the

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Like a trusted friend stood defenseless people, the Prime Minister asks firefighters

With world-class equipment, Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence to construct the commitment of the government, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday,

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RMG factory shutdown affects 20,000 workers

Bangladesh, affecting nearly 20,000 workers, in 2013, the country's largest-ever industrial tragedy for safety reasons after 73 garment factories have been closed.

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Knife military police in Dhaka

Military Police Miscreants Kachukhet of Dhaka, at about 9:30 pm today (Tuesday) on a check post and a military police (MP) knife.

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The government banned app can be used to catch terrorists

On Sunday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the coming days the temporary Internet Use Regulation pointed at, the news agency reports UNB.

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Int'l plot to attack Bangladesh: Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, the recent terrorist attacks and the assassination of Bangladesh to build a position to launch an attack carried out as part of an international conspiracy ...

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Police murder Tavella Matin questions received eight days

A Dhaka court over the murder of Cesare Tavella facilitate his interrogation in police custody for eight days, the brother of BNP leader M Kayum MA Matin is sent.

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Supreme says the national anthem as a ringtone

Division of the Supreme Court on Wednesday to appeal a High Court decision as illegal mobile ringtones national anthem "Amar Sonar Bangla Ami tomay valobashi" declared using intact.

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On the police to open fire if attacked

Police on duty Dhaka Metropolitan Police (dump), according to a decision taken by the check points higher if attacked without any permission from the authorities will be able to open ...

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Now Somoy Publications, publisher of death threat

Now Somoy Publication Farid Ahmed publisher has been threatened with death by miscreants.

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'' I do not want Justice '

Dhaka University Abul Kashem Fazlul Huq 'bungalow ProfNote professor attacker hacked to death on Saturday was that his son Faisal Arefin (Dipan), does not want Justice said.

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United Nations condemned the assassination of Faisal

Strong awareness denounce the murder of publisher Faisal Arefin Dipan has been poured in.

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Ward councilor in Narayanganj knife

Narayanganj City Corporation ward councilor Saturday night quota Upazila in Jamalpur area of miscreants was the knife.

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Publisher were killed in another attack in Dhaka

The attacker Lalmatia 'killed along with two bloggers on Blogger Avijit Roy wrote a book after another publisher knifed awareness Prokashony Faisal Arefin Dipan owners in the capital hours Shahbagh' ...

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Avijit Roy Publisher Dipan another publisher Shahbagh hours after the attack on hacked to death

Awakening Prokahony Faisal Arefin Dipan Blogger and online activist recorder Mahmudul Haq told Saturday evening, Shahbagh 'Aziz Supermarket 2 on the floor had been hacked.

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Schengen introduced new visa application process

Europe's Schengen country, according to an EU press release, in Bangladesh and its introduction worldwide on November 2 as part of the neighboring country '' Visa Information System (VIA) will ...

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Bangladesh fully independent judiciary: CJ

No one influence the judicial process, the Chief Justice said during a banquet in London on Tuesday.

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Within urban and be more efficient in using

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, water, electricity and gas, including civilians, while more efficient use of city dwellers to be said.

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Bay abducted 50 fishermen

The robbers allegedly in Patuakhali Kuakata sea beach, about 50 km south-west, in the bay area in Fareboya 25 taralara and kidnapped at least 50 fishermen were attacked.

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