| Dhaka, Friday, 09 December 2022

The Supreme Court today until November 2 election process for Tangail-4.

On the day that the Supreme Court a petition filed by the Election Commission is scheduled to hear the appeal division as judges Syed Mahmud Hossain room fixed on November ...

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Rajon murder verdict on November 8

A Sylhet court on November 8, the 13-year-old Sheikh, MD Samiul Alam Rajon's murder case, the decision will deliver.

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1 JL activist suspected killer died in the arson attack burned the house

On Monday, unidentified people in Noakhali Chatkhil Chayani-Tagba 'burned to death, leaving an elderly man, Robin, Juba League activist Tarak's suspected killer set fire to the house.

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This year, 143 were killed in political violence: Ask 

About 143 people were killed and nearly up to September this year across the country injured in political violence in 5000, Salish Kendra O N (ASK), a human rights council, ...

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 Nothing Clear

Dhaka Medical College Hospital on Saturday with his mother, Rina Aktar six-year-old Hasan shout out in pain. In the old Dhaka Hossaini Dalan 'were wounded in an explosion.

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Police in the shower, with pistol bomb five people arrested in Class

Police on the outskirts of the capital, Dhaka, in the shower with a pistol and a bomb, five leaders and activists of Jamaat-e-Islami, have been arrested.

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Dhaka accused family members of victims to demand punishment of explosions

Old Dhaka's Hossaini Dalan bomb blast victim's family demanded the punishment of those responsible for the attack.

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In the context of the United Nations today remains relevant as ever, says Prime Minister Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the United Nations system "as relevant" children was established on which basis still war, conflict, afflicted with hunger and poverty.

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In Old Dhaka gather Shiite bombing on a police case file

A case in Old Dhaka bombing at a Shiite gathering unidentified miscreants charges have been filed under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

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Shooting minors: Liton Parliament refused bail

A Gaibandha court today the shooting of 10-year-old boy on the ruling party in the case filed Manjurul Islam Liton denied bail.

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6 Hindu statue desecrated in Natore

Masked miscreants early today in Natore Gurdaspur Upazila 'at least six statues attacked a temple and desecrated.

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Du 'Kha' Unit published results

Under the 2014-15 academic year, the University of Dhaka Kha "unit admission test results were published on Tuesday.

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5 killed in road accident ghazipur

A passenger bus, killing 5 and 10 people were injured ghazipur Laguna skirmish.Ghazipur accident occurred in the morning on a highway. , Who were killed in the accident, his identity ...

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Heavy rains in the capital was waterlogged

The major roads that are blocked with water, heavy rains, many places in the capital is filled. As a result, the public are suffering.

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Bangladesh without all key leaders to observe EidHasina, khalida, living abroad for many among the higher-ups Raushan

In a striking example, almost all the key leaders - Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and BNP chief also include - Eid-ula Azha will not be in the ...

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Rain, jam in Bangladesh Eid holidaymakers dissolve the journey home

Deohata Tangail yesterday morning on a long tailback. Hundreds of vehicles at home to celebrate Eid with people leaving the capital flows of high pressure dhaka Tangail highway and hung ...

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Woman in Rajshahi 1500 yaba tablets custody

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) members of Puthiya bus with pieces of Yaba tablets in 1500, an alleged drug dealer Rajshahi district Puthiya Upazila stand area under arrest yesterday afternoon, RAB ...

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BNP medical admission demand for cancellation of results

Are alleged question paper leak, BNP on Sunday as MBBS And Dental Surgery (BDS) Admission test Bachelor demanded to cancel the results published.

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The High Court rejected on medical admission

The High Court on Monday over the alleged question paper leak MBBS And Dental Surgery Bachelor (BDS) to cancel the entrance test of the government on its rejected a writ ...

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City dwellers are leaving Dhaka 

Desperate to be with their near and dear ones during the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha, people have started to leave the capital.

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