| Dhaka, Tuesday, 05 December 2023

Proteas defeats the Lankan in 2nd ODI

RSASouth Africa captain AB Villiers hailed a "near-perfect performance" after his team crushed Sri Lanka by 121 runs at the second-day international at Kingsmead on Wednesday.

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India beat England in the 1st T20 match

T20 England Green Park stadium by seven wickets in the first Twenty20 International (T20) cricket tournament here on Thursday defeated India.

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Global banking rules agreement 'once the dust settles in the United States

When access to the new US administration has made it clear should wait for an agreement on new global banking rules, the European Union has asked the chairman of the ...

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Turkey's ambassador to Dhaka

Turkey Ambassador Devrim OzturkTurkey strongly on Thursday after a top Jamaat-e-Islami, the leader of the protest walk in the country recalled its ambassador to Bangladesh for advice, the state-run Anatolia ...

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Woman found dead in a city hotel

A young woman was found dead Sunday in a residential hotel in the early Adabar city area of the city.

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Withdrawal of unemployed nurses strike

Walk to death Sunday following a meeting of the government demand of unemployed nurses.

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Tangail filed on Hindu murder case

Gopalpur of Tangail to kill JoardarA case Nikhil Chandra Joardar against three unidentified people to the police station.

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Foreign Minister meets King Abdullah Foundation trip in Saudi Arabia, Prince Turkey

Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali King Abdullah for international humanitarian work in Riyadh visited Foundation. Prince, chief executive officer met with Turkey without foundation

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Hasina praised Bangladesh bowling sensation Mustafizur

Child on the occasion of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina exploit ECNEC meeting appreciated Mustafizur Rahman.

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Rains in Sylhet, the heat wave plays extra time in the rest of Bangladesh

Mild to moderate heat wave Rajshahi and Dhaka divisions sweeping and Dhaka, Tangail, Faridpur, Dinajpur, the area of Saidpur and Chandpur and may continue, says weather office.

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BNP chief Khaleda sees more danger than ever before in Bangladesh

Tuesday followed a series of statements this week that Saturday professor of Rajshahi University campus, starting with the murder of AFM Rezaul Karim Siddiquee suspected extremists murder.

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Asks the Bangladesh government to take a strong position against killer:Denmark

It also called on the government "to" a serious effort to protect freedom of expression and freedom of religion in Bangladesh.

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My mom is not here to meet Neetu Kapoor, Katrina Kaif clear

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif scorches the screen with his sheer presence. This year has been in the film project for his personal life than the news. Life.com in Bollywood,

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 ICC World T20: England Qualify For Final

Jason qualified for the final of the opinion of the first fifty helped England beat World Twenty20 in New Zealand by seven wickets.

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Tonu murder sad every part of the army, says ISPR

Army personnel are deeply saddened by this incident, ISPR said in a media statement. Rape was under the age of 19 years and are yet to be arrested on March ...

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ADB Bangladesh sees FY GDP growing at 6.7% in 2015-16

Forecast ADB Annual Asian Development Outlook -2016 'was released Wednesday. Addressed the media, ADB Office of the Chief of the Bangladesh economy Muhammad Pervez junta said, "the growth of the ...

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Court orders arrest of Khaleda's deadly bus firebombing in Dhaka

BNP chief Khaleda, 37, another bus Jatrabari firebombing charges in courtJatrabari bus contractor burned in arson death. In connection with the incident and the arrest order issued under the Special ...

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Standard Chartered cards stop working due to a down server

Standard Chartered bank debit card and credit card did not work and financial transactions Saturday morning, very difficult to make its large customer base.

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Corruption can progress obstruction of a country: President

President Abdul Hamid said Sunday that corruption can help to educate the socio-economic development and the people of a country can be a major obstacle to check it.

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Trouble in Parliament to answer questions on the delay Interior Minister

Former Information Minister Abul Kalam Azad Parliament expressed a question liberal resentment of Chief Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal asked failure to respond to the Parliament on several occasions.

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