| Dhaka, Thursday, 13 August 2020

Hasina urges teachers to promote sports

The game focuses on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged teachers and to create a pro-game settings each institution.

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I'm still a child, says Kareena

Kareena Kapoor Khan Kareena Kapoor Khan says that he still comes to a "child" to a "star" of the work as director.

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Saudi, Russia agreed oil production freeze

The world's top oil producers agreed to freeze oil output at the January level to stabilize an oversupplied market in a speech on Tuesday, Saudi Arabia and Russia, Qatar's energy ...

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Twenty20 World Cup announced

International Cricket Council (ICC) can be played at different locations across the country to declare March 8 -20, 2016, April 3 Monday depths of the men's ICC World Cup.

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The death of former chief Boutros-ghali UN

Former United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros ghali, which led to the world body in 1996 to 1992, has died, the Ambassador 

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Arrest warrant issued against Daily Star editor

Mahfuz AnamA Narayanganj court on Tuesday issued an arrest warrant against English-language newspaper The Daily Star editor Mahfuz Anam in a defamation suit.

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Khaleda Zia subcommittees for BNP

He gave the panel on Wednesday approved at the meeting of the party's National Standing Committee.

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BSMMU Abdul Hannan appointed new Register

Vice-Chancellor of the University, said Thursday that the Health Services Directorate General has appointed the former Director (Medical Education).

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Citizens can update fingerprints for the ceremony at the office

An order issued by the Election Commission on Wednesday's ceremony wing said that can be updated on the election offices across the fingerprint.

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Executes N Korea army chief

North Korea unconfirmed South Korean media reported ri Yong- Gil's army chief of staff has given the death penalty.

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Twenty20 Women World Cup team announced

After the World Cup qualifier in the first semi-final defeat to Zimbabwe in Bangkok in Bangladesh women's cricket in December 2015 photo ICC World T confirm your eligibility for the ...

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Star Journo concern over the threat to the leader, its editor

Journalist leaders expressed to the English newspaper today leads his deep concern over the risk, The Daily Star has stopped and arrested its editor.

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US 'Intel warning of the details of the terrorist group in Bangladesh

Italian citizen Cesare Tavella (right) and Japanese national Kunio Hoshi (left) on September 28 and October 3, respectively, were killed in Dhaka and Rangpur on the previous year.

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To be tried Padma bridge 'conspirators': Prime Minister

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told parliament that will be tried under the existing laws of the conspirators in the Padma bridge project.

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Road crashes: High Court order on all hospital emergency service

High Court directed the government to take all necessary steps to ensure the critically injured person at government and private hospitals across the country to provide emergency medical services.

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ICT sentence Taher, Noni Netrokona death

The International Criminal Tribunal -1 in Netrokona on Tuesday for crimes against humanity in 1971 obaidula right Taher and Ataur Rahman was sentenced to death Noni.

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Ghazipur knife 2 DB

Police Detective Branch (DB) of the two members on Monday night in another Joydebpur Shibbari 'were stabbed in an attack by miscreants.

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Khulna JCD President Kamran held

Police on Wednesday on charges sabotaja Khulna City Corporation (KCC) to market area of Khulna district unit Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal (JCD) President Kamran Hassan

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Police want Bank Medical College

     Police on Wednesday the government organogram in addition to a separate division, run commercial banks and the Medical College demanded permission from the Prime Minister.

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Fakhrul went to Singapore for treatment

Yesterday, Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir FokrulBNP left Dhaka for Singapore for medical treatment.

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