| Dhaka, Friday, 03 February 2023

‘The Jungle Book’

A wildlife chronicle that reminds most of us of our childhood, ‘The Jungle Book’, is all set for a reboot, or rather a beautiful animated retelling. While director Jon Favreau ...

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"Spectre", the upcoming 24th James Bond film

The world premiere of “Spectre”, the upcoming 24th James Bond film, will be attended by Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry

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maun vrat” on ‘Katti Batti’ sets

Actress Kangana Ranaut, who will be seen in the upcoming movie ‘Katti Batti’ releasing this Friday, observed maun vrat on the sets of the movie during the shoot.

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"Athiya Shetty's father"

Actor Suniel Shetty is pleased with the response to his daughter Athiya Shetty’s debut film “Hero”. He says he would now love to be referred to as “Athiya Shetty’s father”.

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 Ranveer Singh says Deepika is so beautiful that I will wait all my life for her

Ranveer Singh may not have officially made public his love for Deepika Padukone yet but there is no denying that the actor is absolutely smitten by his gorgeous co-star.

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 “Charlie Angels”  new version coming soon

Sony is rebooting the famous “Charlie Angels” franchise with actress-director Elizabeth Banks in negotiations to direct the new version.

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Singer-actor Justin Timberlake has signed to on to voice the lead character in DreamWorks Animation’s musical comedy “Trolls”. Timberlake will star as Branch, a hardcore survivalist, who hides his surprising ...

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‘Calendar Girls’

Madhur Bhandarkar is surprised by the news of difficulty “Calendar Girls” is facing in Pakistan release. The filmmaker has requested distributors across the border to watch the film before arriving ...

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‘Yaara Silly Silly’

Subhash Sehgal, who is returning to direction after over 15 years with “Yaara Silly Silly”, is glad that he didn’t have to lock horns with the Central Board Of Film ...

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‘Jack Reacher’

“Heroes Reborn” actress Danika Yarosh is in talks to join the cast of sequel to superstar Tom Cruise’s 2012 success “Jack Reacher”.

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 Lady Liberty

British actress Emily Blunt, who recently became a US citizen, stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” dressed as Lady Liberty.

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‘Deadpool’ coming

“Deadpool” will be releasing next year, but Fox Studios has already started discussions on the sequel to film.

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Matt Damon wants space journey

Matt Damon has expressed his desire to go into space. The “Martian” star would not want to be one of the first to explore life on other planets, but he’d ...

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‘Doctor Strange’

The Notebook’ star Rachel McAdams is set to join Benedict Cumberbatch in the upcoming instalment of Marvel Studios’ superhero film “Doctor Strange”.

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‘Prometheus 2’

Filmmaker Ridley Scott has confirmed that “Steve Jobs” star Michael Fassbender will reprise his role in the untitled sequel of the 2012 science-fiction “Prometheus”. 

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‘Hotel Beautifool’

Sameer Iqbal Patel’s directorial debut “Hotel Beautifool”, based on the popular Hindi play “Baat Baat Mein Bigdey Haalaat”, will release worldwide in early 2016.

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‘Yaara Silly Silly’

Subhash Sehgal, who is returning to direction after over 15 years with “Yaara Silly Silly” — a title inspired from Lata Mangeshkar’s song “Yaara sili sili”, says the movie portrays ...

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‘Chalk N Duster’

Actress Juhi Chawla says that her upcoming film “Chalk N Duster” will deeply touch viewers and make them want to clap for their teachers and hug them.

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Toy story 3

Illumination Entertainment’s “Minions”, about small, yellow and cylindrical, creatures, is officially the second-highest grossing animated movie of all time after opening to USD 20.1 million in China. The big China ...

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Miss America p apologises

The organisers of Miss America have apologised to Vanessa Williams, the first African- American woman to win the crown in 1984, for the way their predecessors handled a nude photo ...

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